The Board of Directors

Heurtey Petrochem's Board of Directors determines the Group's business policies and ensures that they are correctly implemented. It currently comprises 8 members, including 2 independents (*):

Mr. Olivier BLATTER
Mr. Christian DUPRAZ
Mr. Dominique HENRI
Mr. Jacques MOULIN
Mr. Georges PICARD
Ms. Claire TUTENUIT*



The Board of Directors bases its decisions on the recommendations of two specialist Committees, each including at least one independent director.

The Appointments and Remuneration Committee

This committee is composed of Mr. Jean Deseilligny (Chairman of the Committee),  Mr. Jean Sentenac and Mr. Georges Picard. Its role is to make recommendations to the Board of Directors concerning the appointment and remuneration of the main directors and, more generally, to make pertinent proposals concerning policy and resources for staff remuneration and motivation.

The Audit Committee

This committee is composed of Mr. Georges Picard (Chairman of the Committee), Mr. Olivier Blatter and Ms. Claire Tutenuit. Its role is to examine the accounts and annual budgets before they are presented to the Board of Directors, and to assess financial and internal control procedures with a view to reducing the risks inherent in the Group's activity.

Statutory Auditors

PriceWaterhouseCoopers Audit
63 rue de Villiers - 92208 Neuilly sur Seine - France

Ernst & Young et Autres
1-2 place des Saisons - 92400 Courbevoie Paris La Défense 1