HEURTEY PETROCHEM Group set up a charter which mentions the ethical values shared by all the entities of the Group and all the employees of each entity.
These values are as follows:

  • Respect for fundamental rights of individuals
  • Respect for the culture and the environment of the countries where the Group carries on its activities
  • Loyalty towards economic partners and the company
  • Rejection of corruption

HEURTEY PETROCHEM Group and its managers, directors and employees take care to comply with such values all around the world by doing their best efforts to implement the following rules:
Fundamental rights of individuals: 

  • Complying with the International Labour Organization conventions n°14 and 106 (weekly rest), n° 29 and 105 (forced labour), n° 138 (minimum age of workers), n° 182 (worst forms of child labour), and n° 111 (discrimination), as a minimum required standard
  • Fighting against discrimination and harassment in recruitment process and working relationships.
  • Strictly complying with occupational health and safety rules
  • Maintaining respectful and courteous relationships


  • Strictly complying with the norms on environmental preservation and promoting the best technologies in terms of energetic efficiency and reduction of pollutants emissions


  • Maintaining transparent and honest relationships with clients, partners, suppliers and subcontractors
  • Rejecting any anti-competitive practice
  • Managing situations of conflict of interest in a transparent way
  • Professional management of information of any sort and preservation of the confidentiality of personal and professional data.

 Rejection of corruption and influence peddling: 

  • Strictly prohibiting any direct or indirect allocation of a commission to a client
  • Strictly regulating the offer and acceptance of gifts in business relationships

 The Ethics Committee consists of three Ethics Managers at least, appointed by the President of the Group from among several geographic areas where HEURTEY PETROCHEM is settled. The missions of the Ethics Committee are to control the proper application of the Ethics Charter, to rule on any ethics issue requiring careful consideration and to review the Charter periodically.

These ethical values are mentioned in the Ethics Charter (hereafter) intended for the partners of the Group (clients, services providers, suppliers and subcontractors)

Download the ethical charter of the Heurtey Petrochem Group