Heurtey Petrochem has developed a new process for recycling petroleum residue from ships – the P2R (Petroleum Residue Recycling) process.
This solution enables subsequent use of lighter residues as ship fuel, while heavier residues are used as industrial fuel in cement works, bitumen production, etc.

The P2R unit provides ports, industry and ship owners with an economical, environmentally-friendly solution, thereby helping reduce the risk of marine pollution, in line with the Marpol Convention.

Emission reduction

The equipment designed and fabricated by Heurtey Petrochem complies fully with environmental standards, with particular focus on the following areas:

Reduction of NOx and CO emissions

Réduction des émissions de NOx et de CO

Taking account of project requirements, the Group can use a combination of the following in order to limit CO and NOx emissions:

  • Controlled, appropriate furnace operation
  • Use of special burners generating low NOx emissions
  • Implementation of a deNOx system for combustion gases, with or without catalyst (SCR or SNCR).

Limiting unwanted noise

Limitation des nuisances sonores

To keep unwanted noise to a minimum, both for operators and for those living near refineries and petrochemical facilities, Heurtey Petrochem makes every effort to ensure that its equipment generates as little noise as possible:

  • Careful selection of refractories and other insulating materials incorporated into furnace walls
  • Selection of low-noise equipment, and use of housing where appropriate
  • Suitable acoustic lining of the air intake stack and noise attenuation devices such as silencers.